Thematic workshop
If you love to be moved by romantic comedies and dream of writing a script in this genre, this workshop is for you!

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Getting to know specifics of the format

Intensive workshop

One 10-hour meeting

Small workshop groups

6–10 people

Romantic comedy – thematic workshops

Movie-goers love genre films. Unfortunately, however, in Poland for many years there were no classes on the specifics of writing genre screenplays. BAHAMA FILMS decided to fill this gap and introduced thematic classes in writing genres particularly liked by Polish viewers.

Romantic comedies have reigned supreme on big screens for many years and are one of the most frequently chosen genres. During the workshop, we will try to find out why this is the case and how to create a cinema hit.

Wiktor Piątkowski, who conducts the workshop, has written scripts for several romantic comedies, including Squared Love and Heart Parade.

How does the workshop look?

Full-day classes in romantic comedy are 10 hours of intense watching, analysing and discussing the most successful films in this genre.

At the meeting, we will consider what the success of the best romantic comedies is really based on (e.g. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually, Pretty Woman, 500 Days of Summer, Letters to Saint Nicholas, and Holidays Backwards).

There are many stories around us that can be turned into a good box-office movie. Romantic comedy is a very schematic genre, so with the right technique, a light pen and an open mind, you can efficiently tell your story, turning it into an addictive script.

During the classes, we do not work on the Participants’ projects but instead thoroughly analyse the specifics of the romantic comedy genre, referring to examples of at least a dozen films.

Workshop programme

Workshop trainer and mentor

Wiktor Piątkowski
Screenwriter, producer, lecturer and owner of Bahama Films.

Wiktor Piątkowski created and co-wrote HBO’s first original series produced in Poland (Wataha) and the first Polish romantic comedy produced by Netflix (Squared Love). Over the last 11 years he has worked as showrunner, head writer, screenwriter and producer on various shows (crime series, soap operas, scripted reality, period dramas, sitcom), with more than 1000 hours of TV produced). A sitcom he co-created and co-wrote, Just Push Abuba, premiered in 2018 on ZDF. Wiktor is the head writer of the first Polish TV series produced by Viaplay (Murderesses), the first co-production between Canal+ and Polsat (Sortownia) and the first political thriller series produced by Polsat (Vote of no Confidence). Wiktor’s filmography includes, among others, the feature films Heart Parade (Netflix) and Holidays Backwards (which he also produced), and the TV series War Girls.

Wiktor graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łódź, the Warsaw School of Economics, and Warsaw University (psychology), and is an alumnus of Serial Eyes (organized by the Deutsche Film and Fernsehakademie Berlin, and the London Film School), European TV Drama Series Lab, European Showrunner Training, and Racconti and Berlinale Talents. He has participated in many screenwriting courses, led by, among others Syd Field, John Truby, Robert McKee, Linda Seger, Dov Simens, Glen Benest and Sammy Montana. The list of his mentors includes James V. Hart (Dracula, Hook, Contact), Frank Spotnitz (The X Files, The Man in the High Castle), Graham Yost (Speed, Justified) and Jeff Melvoin (Northern Exposure, Designated Survivor, Killing Eve).

Wiktor Piątkowski is also a member of SEAN, the Dirty Dozen Collective, the Polish Filmmakers Association (SFP) and the Polish Screenwriters’ Guild. He has a PhD in television marketing, runs screenwriting workshops in Poland and abroad, and manages Bahama Films, an independent production company based in Warsaw.

Program terms:​

Sunday, 4.02.2024, 10.00-20.00.

Place of the meeting:

Romantic comedy

Thematic workshop

600 pln

Attention! Signup slots are allocated according to the order of payments received. In the case of a larger number of applications than available places in the group, we reserve the right to carry out an additional selection of participants.