At Bahama Films, we do not only look for and train the most talented screenwriters but also write film and TV series scripts to specific orders. We conduct script development of various projects, and offer script doctoring, and we deal with the creative side of bigger productions.

We co-created:

Wotum nieufności
Wojenne dziewczyny
Święta inaczej
Parada serc
Miłość do kwadratu
Just Push Abuba

They trusted us:

We adopt an individual approach to all our projects and select the best creators for each. Our screenwriting workshops have already been completed by more than 1000 people, the most talented of whom still cooperate with us, thanks to which we have the largest base of scriptwriters in Poland. We are able to search for authors for specific film projects, as well as quickly create professional writers’ rooms for the needs of TV series. We work in both Polish and English, and also have experience working on international co-productions.

We invite you to cooperate with us!