Just Push Abuba – shooting has started!

“Camera, action!” – these words may finally be heard on Just Push Abuba set. The series co-creator and screenwriter is Wiktor Piątkowski.

Just Push Abuba is a comedy series, which tells a story about three roommates: creative German Toni, spoiled Greek Lucia and Joon, a professional gamer from Korea. Together they decide to rent a room on Airbnb. As it soon turns out, their guests are even wilder than the hosts. In every episode new guests (and new troubles) appear.


The series concept’s authors are Jana Burbach, Nikolaus Schulz-Dornburg and Wiktor Piątkowski. Screenwriters are also Jasper Marlow from Australia and Korbinian Hamberger from Germany. Wiktor Piątkowski is the first Polish screenwriter to create a TV series for one of the biggest TV stations in Germany.


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