Just Push Abuba – series premiere!

As of today on www.zdf.de and ZDF channel you can watch Just Push Abuba – the new series co-created and written by Wiktor Piątkowski!

The sitcom tells a story of three friends: Lucia, Toni and Joon who have money troubles. Lack of money and threat of being kicked off of the apartment push them to rent out a room in their apartment, via Airbnb program. Suddenly, lots of strange individuals arrive at their doorsteps, what makes their live even wilder than it was. Every new guest causes new troubles, brings new challenges and new conflicts. Series’ action takes place in multicultural, colourful Berlin.

The first guests of our characters are Tom and Amy – bloggers from California. They both hope that the most modern town in Europe would provide them with lots of exciting posts. However, the couple struggles with crisis: while Tom is tired of constant travelling, Amy demands full involvement in writing the blog. Lucia, Toni and Joon are afraid of getting bad review on Airbnb – they will do anything to please their guests.

As ZDF released Just Push Abuba without globlocking, the series is available for people all around the world.

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