We produce films, TV series and commercials. We are open to cooperation on every stage of our work. We can also prepare a project especially for you. This could be product placement of your products or brands in our films, but we can also cooperate on the distribution and promotion stage of the production process.



We produce feature and documentary films, both short and full-length. We love popular genres and blockbusters for mass audiences, but we are also fond of arthouse films.



We work on comedy and drama TV series, though our portfolio also includes a soap opera and a few scripted docu series. We are also planning to start producing on-line series.



Traditional commercials, sponsorship or product placement? From the creation, through the production and broadcasting, we support you at every stage. We can also help with projects that are already or near completion.

We are looking for investors and co-producers. Contact us if you would like to cooperate with us on our film and TV projects.

We would be pleased to form new partnerships.


We offer our services to anyone searching for professional filmmakers and producers. We can produce traditional commercials and TV sponsorship billboards. For more bold advertisers we can prepare on-line shows or series, viral ads or TV programs devised from the very beginning to promote your product or brand. ‚The more unconventional and creative, the better’ - this is our favorite request.



Everything starts with an idea. We have a lot of them and are happy to share them with you. We can prepare a concept, write a script or draw a storyboard.



We can set up the whole film crew to meet your expectations and requirements of your project. Filming can be at your place, ours, in a studio… or maybe you fancy an animation? We are ready to take on the most demanding requests.



We are able to support you at every stage of your promotional campaign - to advise, to do research, to analyze, to criticize, to precise, to convince, to hint. We will do all of these things and much more just to help you.

We cooperate with companies, NGOs and individual artists. The size of your budget is not really a problem for us. We always try to surprise, to excite, and to help you to achieve your business goals, and along the way we like to – have some fun too!

If you would like to check how we do it bahama style just contact us!